We are BRASH Coffee

Our single purpose is to source, roast and serve the best coffee possible. Since 2016, we have been roasting top-notch beans sourced directly from farms we know and trust. We travel to the farms to source the best beans and make sure the farmers get a fair deal. Then, we roast and brew everything with care, respecting everyone involved from farmers like Miguel Menendez, Dos Ninas and others, to your cup. At BRASH, we are passionate about delivering delicious, high-quality coffee.

BRASH Coffee Origins

Miguel Menedez

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Dos ninas Dos ninas Dos ninas Dos Ninas

Dos Ninas

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We believe in AUTHENTICITY. We meticulously, deliberately, and selectively procure coffee that honors everyone involved. We believe in ORIGIN. Coffee is more than the cup; it is about the experience, enjoyment and connection. Not only bringing people together in the here and now, coffee also links the richer story of the people and places it came from. With each cup, we hope to grow the community between the coffee farmers we represent and our guests.

We believe in HUMILITY, not hype. If we make great coffee, then people will seek us out - it’s that simple. A well made drink should speak for itself.

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